Policies & Important Stuff

By ordering, you agree to all of this.

NO REFUNDS unless I'm unable to deliver your order.

 I do not deliver until payment has been received in full. Sometimes transferring money can take a few days, I try to warn about that ahead of time if I can.

If you do not use the EXACT note I tell you to when sending payment, I reserve the right to treat your payment as a gift. Do not ever put usernames or inappropriate comments in notes.

 All my content is mine and I alone hold all copyright and distribution rights.

 All orders MUST be discussed and agreed upon before a payment is made. Any money that is sent without discussing your order IN ITS ENTIRETY to me before hand is considered a gift.  After payment is received you may not make changes to your order. 

Unless otherwise specified, "Unlimited" refers to a numerical amount, not the nature of content. 

Unfriending me on any paid Snapchat service is akin to you cancelling your service. 

 You may present me with special deals and arrangements for service and products NOT currently listed However, unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon specifically, my policies and terms will remain in tact for any type of service or product I agree to outside of my standard listings.

 "Lifetime" Services stipulation: the nature of "life" is fleeting and unpredictable. By purchasing any type of "lifetime" service from me you accept that I am a human and events, long term or short term, may occur that obstruct my ability and capacity to keep to the strict schedules set forth. You accept and trust that I will do the best I possibly can to uphold the services to their descriptive nature, including good faith to "make it up to you" afterwards. In the event the service type switches and no longer becomes available "for life" that you be grandfathered into the next incarnation of that service should there be one. Purchased "lifetime" services will not be given refunds of any capacity for any reason. They are a permanent purchase, including the cancellation of the service if, or when, it should no longer be available. Should you cancel your service and wish to return, you must purchase it again.

 I have a zero tolerance policy. Abusive behavior and harassment will lead to a cancellation of your order with or without a notice along with being blocked.

Shipping & Packaging

All content is packaged discreetly. All items are packaged with careful consideration to prevent leaks and breakage. 

 United States (domestic) shipping 

Standard shipping is only $5 and does not include tracking. 

 2-3 day priority shipping with tracking is $8. 

 1 day priority shipping (small boxes/packages) is $30. 

 I put your address as both the return and sender address so arrival is guaranteed. The name in the sender (top left) corner of the box/envelope will say it's from Clara Hunt (or some variety thereof: CH, C. Hunt, Clara H., etc) so you know what the package contains.  

 International Shipping

 I ship all around the world. 

 To calculate an estimate for shipping your order, please give me your zip code and country. Cost varies greatly depending on your location, size & weight of the package, etc. Due to bodily limitations and the quality I guarantee, there may be limits to how many items you can order per shipment.

 Information on customs forms will be discreet, as well as the return address, which will be a random US address. You will know the package is from me because the name listed will be from Clara Hunt.

Payment Methods

Circle Pay
Square Cash (+3%)
Gift Rocket (3-5 dAY DELAY)
Amazon.com Gift Cards (+50%)

I do not accept paypal. 
Gift cards may not be used for physical item purchases.