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 ♥ Welcome to Fantasyland ♥

I'm Clara, "FullOfFantasies" or "Fof" - writer of erotica, maker of porn, hopeless masturbation addict and attention whore extraordinaire.
Here on my website you can find ALL things related to me! I'm a pretty simple woman with an unusual yet refined kinky palette.
I'm known for my bad dragon toy collection, taboo ageplay (ddlg) & struggling videos, and legendarily juicy panties! But I don't call myself "full of fantasies" for nothing - there are only a small handful of things I'm not into.
So pull out your dick and stay a while. 

I don't show full face. I'll wear a mask if I want to. Mask cannot be requested.
No scat, farting, ass to mouth (atm) or prolapse
No burping or vomit
No couples. 
No real life meetings of any kind
No bestiality, necrophilia, or other illegal content

If it's not on this list, assume I am into it when you contact me to place your order!
Halloween Whore
I have a Halloween obsession. Every year in October, I close down all custom orders and spend the whole month transforming myself into sexy-creepy monster ladies! Costumes are generally focused around a single main accessory, usually a pair of sclera contacts, and I bust out the body paint, face makeup & put together elaborate costumes!
This isn't your typical excuse-to-be-excessively-slutty kind of Halloween.
This is an exploration into the mysterious world of erotic horror
It is my intention to leave you both scared, and aroused. 
Scaroused, if you will.

So it should not be surprising at all for me to also tell you that I adore horror movies, shows & books!