the Cult of Fantasology
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Take a little peek into my head. All subscriptions include the ability to directly DM me for casual chatting, tipping & placing additional orders. Please respect the room's vibe.
OnlyFans - vanilla/fetish porn
Daily lewds & nudes. Posts range from vlog casual to porny explicit hotness. If you're into my wet, creamy pussy and dirty panties you're not going to want to miss this endless feed!

AVN Stars - Femdomme Only
Daily Femdomme lewds. Jerk off instructions, tasks, joi captions, edging encouragement, teasing, humiliation, body worship, ripoff, ignoring you, findomme games, audio files. If you want to serve, this is where you belong.

same as OnlyFans, without the extra pay to view content!

Custom Videos
I do not show full face, lips only.
delivered via download link (dropbox)
See my list of limitations here.

Standard Custom Video: $10/minute
will be resold on clip sites.

Pornhub Custom Video: $15/minute
posted for free viewing on my pornhub channel. Content restrictions apply. Buyer gets a complimentary copy upon request.

Exclusive Custom Video: $25/min
for you only! Name use allowed.

Cock Ratings
A ~5 minute video posted to my public Pornhub Channel for free viewing.

Add Ons
+$25 do it naked
+$25 add a cumshot rating

Types of Ratings
Genuine ♥ SPH/Mean/Humiliating ♥ Worship

Cock Rate FAQ:
Your pictures will NOT be in the video. I will not reveal your identity.
I do NOT offer exclusive ratings or any other format of cock ratings at this time.
If you do not specify the type of rating you want, I'll assume you want a genuine one.
Cock Ratings can take up to a MONTH to be posted! 

Pee Fetish Collection - $75/life
70+ pictures
150+ exclusive videos
♥ Updated Monthly ♥

Islam Religious Humiliation Collection - $100/life
300+ pictures
5+ exclusive videos
♥ Updated monthly ♥

Christianity Humiliation Collection - $100/life
3000 pictures
5+ exclusive videos
♥ updated monthly ♥

Period Diary Collection - $250/life
50+ exclusive pictures
50+ exclusive videos
♥ All pay-to-view period fetish videos ♥
no updates for a few years due to new birth control


2ND Vacation MeetUp with XXXCitedBrunette (Cici) 
Dropbox - $100
♥ 1,000+ pictures ♥
♥ 30+ mins of exclusive videos ♥

Cici & Fof Pee Diary Dropbox - $75
20+ minutes of exclusive pee videos & pics

1st Vacation MeetUp with XXXCitedBrunette (Cici)
Dropbox - $20
over 50 exclusive pics & vids

More sets & collections available at BentBox

must fill out form & send payment to receive.
Clip Stores
Buy my porn & fetish videos!
Main Clips4Sale Store
For Vanilla & Fetish videos
buy videos & goodies
Femdomme Videos
Femdomme & findomme videos only
mostly vanilla & fetish videos
Femdomme Clips4Sale Store
For femdomme & Findomme videos
Fetish Items
Fetish Item purchases are on hold due to the pandemic.
Erotica & Writing

Read my erotic fanfiction - it's free! Click the title of the packages below for the order forms.

Add a Chapter to a Current Fanfic - $25 

Are you a fan of one of my particular Fanfiction stories, and it's just been too darn long since I updated? As long as the story on my AO3 isn't marked as "complete," with this purchase, I'll set aside time to put out the next chapter within the week! Since these stories are planned and sometimes already partially-written, no customization is guaranteed, however I am open to hearing your steamy ideas!

Custom Erotica (New Fanfiction Scene) - $100 

A stand-alone sex scene between any two canon characters of your choice*. Mix and match fandoms, whatever and however many kinks you'd like! It can be hot from the beginning, or a tantilizing, agonizing slow-burn just to torment yourself. Limited to 2,500 words. Posted within 2 weeks.

*If I'm familiar with the fandom/characters. Delivery may take longer if research is required, I will let you know.

Role Playing (Collaborative Story-telling) - $250 to start

Let's go on an adventure! Fanfiction or original content is fine for this. We'll take turns writing from the perspectives of our respective characters, whether they are canon for a particular already-existing universe (fanfiction) or original characters, or a mix. Standard writing-community "Role Play" rules apply (no god moding, only play your own characters, etc). This purchase pays for the collaborative planning (establishing setting, limitations etc), and first 5 responses from me. After that, I'll have a better idea what our role play looks like and can come up with a per-response rate custom for our story! Guaranteed 1 response per day, M-F, starting after planning is finalized.

Custom Erotica (Original eBook) - $500 per eBook.

A book is ~5,000 words. Delivery takes 1 month (30 days), orders are limited. As I write, it's likely that I'll need to ask questions or inquire about various aspects of the story that come up to make sure you're getting something you'll like! I like you to have a complete idea of the story, whether it's just a quick bang between two interesting characters or a set up for a drawn out slow burn, but I'm also happy to collaborate and help you come up with ideas or anything else.

Girlfriend Experiences

Want to get to know me in a more intimate setting, or experience the fantasy woman (or character!) of your deepest fantasies? All GFEs include unlimited casual chatting, pics & video clips via KIK. Trial cost is deducted from total cost if you wish to continue. 

GFE Order Form 

Vanilla / Genuine - $350 weekly ♥ $25 1-day trial

I like morning sex and reading books in bubble baths. I'll spend a day working up a sweat in my garden, and clean up hot for a classy night out. I'm excitable and flippant, sometimes a little more blunt than I ought to be, but it's served me well so far. My true passion is writing, and while I prefer doing it by hand, I'm pretty proud of how fast I can type on a keyboard. I'm addicted to all things sensual - food, music, art and "junk" equally. Exploring new headspaces, meeting new people, and getting creative make my life worth living. So let's live for a bit together!

Babygirl / Daddy's Girl - $450 weekly ♥ $50 1-day trial

A GFE with a more "innocent" vibe, which I sincerely hope you corrupt. I'll draw you pictures, tease you with my paci, pose in onesies, show you all the fun things I do with my giant stuffies. If you're a good daddy I might sing you a song or draw you a picture. I like pretending I'm too innocent to know about adult things, the appeal of ageplay to me is the corruption of my innocence. The more dark your desires are with little-me, the better.
It doesn't have to be a daddy/daughter dynamic, I'm open to caregivers of all genders/sexes and non-incest caregiver/little arrangments as well.

DayDream / Fetish Queen - $500 weekly. Limit 1 per week. ♥ $100 1-day trial

A fetish-centric GFE, without a power dynamic. Do you want to explore new or weird kinks you've never heard of? Want me to be your egg brood mother (oviposition), or a piss whore? All content you receive will be a mix of casual and kinky based on your preferences! 

Mega Bitch / Femdomme - $750 weekly. ♥ $150 1-day trial

Everyone should stick their dick in crazy just once. I’ll blow up your phone with lusty lewds and instructions on how to jerk off your dick to please me… but you better not leave me waiting too long, or it’s ruined orgasms and blue balls for you! I might even just cheat on you if you annoy me enough. If you fantasize about dating a Mega Bitch, this is the package for you! This is one of the ONLY way sto get nude femdomme content from me! 

Slutty / Submissive - $1,000 weekly. Limit 1 per week. ♥ $200 1-day trial

Do you fantasize of a girlfriend who’s eager-to-please, never says no, and is ready to get down and dirty at the snap of your fingers? I’ll spill every sexual fantasy that passes through my mind throughout our days together, and beg for your attention with nasty nudes, and honor all requests. I’m only submissive with this package option. Keeping you and your dick happy is my priority of the whole week!
Everything Else
Audio Scripts & Files - $3/min
HD Photo Sets - $50/20 pics
HD Photo Sets w/ Captions - $50/10 pics
Cum Play on KIK (sexting & more) - Follow me on Twitter or Reddit to see availability. Price list is here.
SERVE ON KIK - femdomme & relgious humiliation KIK services only
I get asked a lot about how to get "everything" I've ever made. I make a ton of porn lol. In order to acquire all the porn (pics, vids, gifs) I've ever made, you'll have to purchase:

- ManyVids Membership will give you a bulk of for-sale videos
- Purchase remaining clips individually
- All individual Dropbox Collections (including my Mega Dropbox, which is only available when specifically advertised.)
- OnlyFans Subscription (including the purchase of all PTV messages)
- AVN Subscription (including the purchase of all PTV messages)
- Pornhub Fanclub subscription

Ordering & Contact
If your service has an order form, just fill that out and send the complete payment to complete your order.
You can DM me on Reddit, Discord, ManyVids or Pornhub to place your order(s).
You can also DM me on KIK when I am available. If you dm when I'm not taking orders I might not see it.

Please include ALL of the following in your order DM:
1. What you want: details, length, etc
2. Payment Method: see my options below.

Message must contain BOTH pieces of information.
You must be prepared to send payment when you send in the order.

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I do not accept paypal.