I'm Clara, also known as 'Fof"
Writer of erotica
maker of porn
hopeless masturbation addict
attention whore extraordinaire
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How did you get into this?
Since the day I turned 18 I've been posting nudes. Inevitably, I ended up posting a picture of how grooly and creamy my panties get, and I got a fateful message from a fan asking if he could buy them. He showed me some panty selling communities, and it's history from there.

Will you ever do couple content?
Most likely not.

Do you do meet ups?
No. Strictly online only.

Do you ever show face?
No. I'm a quantum lichen from Bryoria 6. 

Do you have a boyfriend?
♥ Legal, Consensual Kinks & Fetishes Here ♥
You might see some extreme fetish stuff while perusing my content. Please be aware that everything I do is done in the name of play-pretend and fantasy, and does not necessarily reflect any personal beliefs or ideas. 
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