2nd Vacation with XXXcitedbrunette (Cici)

We rented a hotel & spent a whole week drinking, partying, and of course, making TONS of pictures and videos together! This time around was way more productive than our first collaboration. We ended up with about 10 new full-lenth videos and over one THOUSAND pictures! Cici and I always have a great time when we hang out together and a lot of our kinks over lap, so we're basically a g/g match made in heaven. 

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1st Vacation with XXXcitedbrunette (Cici)
I finally went off to meet up with this hottie! We ended up spending most of the time just hanging out and bonding, getting to know each other better, but we did manage to get a good chunk of pics & videos for you to enjoy!

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Vacation with Miss Faith Rae & Scale10Crazy
What happens when a Dominatrix, a Fetish Queen & the Girl Next Door rent a cabin in the woods for a week? 
A wild week of fun, that's what! The three of us bonded instantly and immediately on our very first meeting, and were quite enthused about capturing it on camera to share with you, too!

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