Soft Limitations 

I require space and control to do these, additional fees may apply. These are things I'm currently exploring so no scripting or specific requests are allowed- it's a "you get what you get" situation, I appreciate your understanding.

Vomit - just ask for hardcore deepthroating, and whatever happens, happens.

Painal - I enjoy the pain, but I enjoy playing up the pain even more.

Ass to mouth - sometimes the mood hits and it doesn't totally disgust me.

Hard Limitations

Not up for discussion, debate or conversation in any way whatsoever.

Nothing Illegal - no meeting up/prostitution, underage, animals, killing, etc etc

No full face/Mask-wear requests. I only wear it when I want to, so just consider yourself lucky if I do!

No scat, farting, or fetishizing "gross" bodily functions/smells/tastes, no prolapse

No violence, such as hard vore or goru

No babydolls. 

No couples or b/g porn; I only do solo porn or vacation collabs with my work-friends!