Not up for discussion/debate/conversation in any way whatsoever.
Nothing illegal. This is the stuff that conventionally goes without needing to be specified.

No full face. No requesting I wear my mask - I'll wear it only if I want to, so just consider yourself lucky if I do!
No scat, no farting, or fetishizing "gross" bodily functions/smells/tastes, no prolapsing, no ass to mouth.
Blood play & violence fetishization.
No licking pee off shoes.
No involvement of unaware/non-consenting parties of ANY KIND. 
COUPLES / PARTNERS / GROUPS - I only do solo videos. 

I require space, control & comfort to do these. Additional turnaround time may be required.
Queefing - I don't mind if it happens naturally but I'm not going to intentionally make it happen. 
Vomit - I'm getting kinda into it. For now just ask for intense deepthroat and whatever happens, happens. 
Painal - anal, but where I act like I'm in pain. Note the word "act". I will prepare & I will use sufficient lubricant and if ur lucky, I might cry.