Terms of Service
By ordering, you agree to these terms:
I only do refunds if I'm unable to deliver.
The notes you are instructed to send with a payment are precise and must be exact. If you do not use the exact note (and only the exact note) I tell you to use, your payment may be considered a tip/gift, or rejected.
I retain all rights to the content I produce. You may not distribute, resell or make available publicly or privately anything you purchase without my explicit written consent.

Payment Methods
ManyVids (Make it Rain) (+20%)
Pornhub Tips (+20%)
Clips4Sale Tips (+40%)*
Cashapp (must have a "trusted buyer" flair from /r/sexsells on reddit)
Gift Rocket (allow 3-5 days for processing)
Amazon.com Gift cards* (+25%) (unavailable for fetish/any mailable item purchases)
PayPal via polyalpha or gyft.com gift cards only, not direct.
(*) Unable to use this payment method for physical item purchases. or certain services/controversial content.

Your order must have these pieces of information.
1. Your Age
2. What you want to order & all relevant information and/or questions you have related to your order.
3. The payment method you'll be using
Be ready to pay or be blocked!
Send to fulloffantasies@gmail.com

Quick Reference
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Why haven't you responded yet?
Here's some reasons I might be taking a bit to get back to you:
1. I usually take weekends off. So if it's Saturday or Sunday, I'm probably recharging my sanity.
2. You're missing one of the 3 pieces of info from the list above.
3. I blocked you for wasting my time.
4. You're asking about services/products I don't offer or am not interested in.
5. I'm just really busy