Girlfriend Experiences
My GFE's are done only through KIK and include unlimited passive chatting, pictures and videos. We can get to know each other more intimately, or just enjoy some quality long-term role playing fun!

I like nerdy people who are filled with passion - about anything! Let me add some excitement to your day. I like wine, bubble baths, good books and gardening.
$200 weekly
$800 monthly

BabyGirl / Daddy's Girl
A GFE with a more "innocent" vibe that you are encouraged to corrupt. Let's leave age at the door and stick with "little" or "bratty teen" please.
$200 weekly
$800 monthly

A fetish-centric GFE, without a power dynamic. Do you want to explore new or weird kinks you've never heard of? Want me to be your egg brood mother (oviposition), or a piss whore? All content you receive will be a mix of casual and kinky based on your preferences! 
$300 weekly
$1200 monthly

Nightmare / Mega Bitch
Everyone should stick their dick in crazy just once. I’ll blow up your phone with lusty lewds and instructions on how to jerk off your dick to please me… but you better not leave me waiting too long, or it’s ruined orgasms and blue balls for you! I might even just cheat on you if you annoy me enough. If you fantasize about dating a Mega Bitch, this is the package for you! This is the ONLY way to get nude femdomme content from me! 
$400 weekly
$1600 monthly

Do you fantasize of a girlfriend who’s eager-to-please, never says no, and is ready to get down and dirty at the snap of your fingers? I’ll spill every sexual fantasy that passes through my mind throughout our days together, and beg for your attention with nasty nudes, and honor requests. I’m only submissive with this package option. 
$500 weekly
$2000 monthly

if you'd like to order directly from me on KIK, be sure to include all of the following in your first message to me:
1. type of gfe
2. duration of gfe
3. your payment method