How can I get EVERYTHING? (pics & vids)

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Do you like doing x ?

I don't do things I don't enjoy. If you see me doing it in a video, picture, or I mention to you that I am doing it or plan on doing it, or I accept an order of me doing it, yes, I like doing it

Weirdest, Wildest, Craziest, Strangest thing you've ever done?

I don't even know where to start, so I'll just make a list: 

- I've had sex with my step dad. 

- I let a boyfriend fuck my mother while I and my stepdad watched. 

- I went out in public in bondage gear (collar, wrist cuffs) in daylight.

- I had sex in a dead end street on the hood of a car in the middle of the night.

-  I once gave a bf a blowjob from the back seat of a car... while my father was driving.

- I pissed on a guy in a public stairwell and made him clean it up with his mouth.

- I successfully performed a rape bait

I want to get into the adult industry, can you give me some advice and tips?

I recommend doing your research first. Check out the SellerCircleStage over on Reddit. There are a plethora of resources online for getting started and basic information to help you decide if this is for you.

How Did You Get Into All of This?

Since the day I turned 18 I've been posting nudes. Inevitably, I ended up posting a picture of how grooly and creamy my panties get, and I got a fateful message from a fan asking if he could buy them. He showed me some panty selling communities, and it's history from there.

How do I know what I order is from you?

Check out my reviews & verifications

Do you have a boyfriend?


Will you ever do couple content?

most likely not.

Why not?

I don't want to

Do your family and friends know what you do?


What is your FAVORITE fetish/kink?

all of them.

Will you take my survey/let me interview you/I'm writing an article, can you just answer a few questions?


How much money do you make?

more than you.

Is it profitable?I thought no one bought porn any more!

You thought wrong.

Isn't squirt the same thing as pee?

Does it matter?

Do you do this for fun, or money?


Why do I have to pay you to get to know you?

because I don't care about you. Give me money, make me care.

Can we be friends?

Sure. start by being a buyer.

Can I be in one of your videos?


Can we meet up?


Do you ever fuck your fans?


What if I paid you?


What if we met in life, naturally, and then became friends, and we happened to fall in love or just fuck each other under the right completely natural circumstances?


Why don't you take PayPal?

It's against their terms of service. You can find out my private information. You can cancel the order after I've delivered your product or service. After account cancellation/shut down, PayPal takes all the money in your PP account. I can't risk my PP account because I have other jobs that pay me thru PP.

Do you fuck dogs?

No. People seem to think getting a dildo (Rex) that is shaped like a dog's dick means I'm into fucking actual dogs. It does not.

Then why do you have a dildo shaped like a dog's dick?

Are you implying there is absolutely no difference between a sex toy and an actual penis?

Why do you charge?

Too feed my addiction to obscure sex toys and these obnoxious things called 'bills' and 'hunger'. Also I'm just greedy.

Why are you so expensive?

why are you so cheap?

Why do you answer questions with more questions?
 because no one reads this shit anyway. And when I give serious answers, people take it as an opportunity to attempt to change my mind instead of just accepting my answer and it's fucking obnoxious

Which Bad Dragon toys do you have and what are their stats?

Flint: firm, medium
Sleipnir: medium, medium, cumtube & suction cup
Rex: soft, medium, cumtube & suction cup
Fenrir: firm, small
Pretzal: extra large, cumtube
Demon/Dante: one size
Demogorgon: soft/medium, cumtube & suction cup

Why don't you show face?
I'm a quantum lichen from Bryoria 6.