Once you've figured out what you'd like to order, please include all of the following information in your email to me to ensure the fastest responses. 

1. Your Age
2. The item, service or product you're interested in ordering.
3. All relevant information regarding your order, if applicable. If you're getting a cock rating you can leave this blank.
4. The payment method you'll be using

Please send all of this information to 

Quick Ref
policies, shipping info, payment methods
Limitations (kinks I don't do)
For COCK RATING info see this page.
For PANTY info see this page.
For CUSTOM VIDEO info see this page.
for SNAPCHAT see this page.

If you have questions or need clarity about what I can/will do:
Put them in #3. In order to answer you, I need the full context of whatever it is you want me to do.

For Example:
"(1) I'm 28, and I'd (2)like to get a custom video from you, but (3) I'm curious about if you're willing to destroy the pair of shoes from this video (link/title) for it? I'm considering a 10-minute destruction fetish video. I'd like to pay with (4) circle pay. Thanks."

Doesn't have to include the #'s in (parenthases) but it shows me you've read all the basic info and that you intend to order.

If you'd like an estimate for the total cost of your hypothetical order:
1. Write down everything you'd like to order
2. Go to the page where I put the rate for the item/product.
3. Write down the costs listed as they apply.
4. Add the numbers together. Use calculator as needed.
Don't worry about making an error, just use your best judgment I'll correct errors where they exist. If you have to back out cause you made an error and the cost is more expensive than what you estimated, that's not a big deal.
I am just really tired of being asked to calculate what 10 + 5 is by grown-ass adults.

  Why aren't you responding to my emai
These are frequent reasons I automatically delete emails I receive:

- Not all information is present
- You've offered, or are requesting, something I've blatantly stated on this website that I do not do or accept. If you put "paypal" as your payment method, for example, or asked me to do a scat video (hard limit).
- I literally cannot understand what you've typed up.

Why did you STOP responding to my emails?
You've given me reason to believe you're not a serious buyer, you've thrown up a scammer/time-waster red flag:
- Too much/suspicious back and forth, esp if it involves you wanting to talk about more/future orders when you still haven't paid for the first one. Red flag.
- You don't know what you want, keep changing your mind... Red flag.
- I've asked you multiple questions to clarify some aspects of your order, and you only answered one of them in response.