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Premium - $25/month
All the nitty-gritty details about what I offer for paid kik services!
Spoil me, amuse me, support me, worship me.
Let's just chat & hang out! Maybe some pics or vids. ;)
Can u handle a vain megabitch?
Fantasy Land - Discord Server
Combining Erotica, Porn & Gaming into one unique Create Your Erotic Adventure Experience

Vote for what happens next in the story!
will Clara lay out an elaborate scheme to seduce the maintenance guy? Or is she just going to wing it when he arrives? You decide!

Customize the Story!
In-server economy lets you guest star as a character in the story, remove guest stars, throw in kinks, create new stories, make your poll votes count double and more!

Spice Up the Story!
Need a pic to go with a particular scene? Perhaps a video? No problem!

Become an ADVENTURER and discover more!
Unlock roles for more story channels, special role-based items with unique story customization options, super powers, and more!
$10/Month for first 50 members
+ 15  to use for customization! 

Public: Fofsroom

Public rules:
DM for ordering, tipping & gifting ONLY.
No snaps or calls

VIP Friends List
Want more nudes & to send me messages? Just buy, tip or gift me to get on my VIP Friends list!

PREMIUM: $25/Month
Laid-back & Chill. I don't do many passive snaps (keep those to free/vip) and I'm not strict about the scheduling. This is basically a voyeur into my bedroom while I masturbate. Sometimes I interact, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I get kinky, sometimes I don't.
2 Cumshows per week
range between 5 -20 mins, depending on my mood.

unblock fee: $50 per offense

KIK Services

Playtime Sessions

 30 minute minimum ♥ I love taking my time to tease, build you up and you get bonus points if you like sending pics and vids back to me, too – but no worries if you don’t! After you pay I’ll tell you I’m taking a few mins to get ready and that’s when you can let me know what toy/outfit requests you have for the session! 

 $50/30min. Vanilla/Standard: mutual masturbation, control my vibe (lush and Nora by lovense available!), feet, basic role playing. Includes 1 lingerie request. (any lingerie, glass dildos & wand/vibrator, anal with fingers or small sized plugs). 

 $75/30 min. Domaintion: Anything that is me dominating you, my favorites are joi, sph, cbt, humiliation, sadism and task wheels. 

Double domme Sessions with Miss Faith Rae

My girl Faith (Twitter | PornHub | Website) and I have created a sweet & sadistic Double domination experience! Her sweet encouragement and my cruel creativity will leave one head spinning and the other dripping

  • $80/20 minutes (minimum) or $4/min

 $100/30 min. Submission/Unlimited Requests: Anything that is me submitting to you. Most buyers use this package to just streamline requests or tasks at me and that’s how I like it! Unlimited outfit requests.

KIK 4 Later

 Don’t have 30 mins to spare? Our availability only lines up when you’re at the office? Not to worry! I now offer KIK 4 Later so you can be a naughty voyeur or have a juicy treat waiting for you when you clock out! Non-interactive, scheduling by day available, 20 pics/videos.



$10 - 5 pictures

$10 - video up to 2 mins

Limited Customization. No extensions on videos (order a custom instead!)

Personal KIK ID
for fans
for finsubs, cash cows & pay pigs
for submissives
for "I just want to chat"
for "I'd love to get to know you better"

Buy it here.

Nightmare Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

 Do you have what it takes to handle a vain, selfish megabitch without the eager-to-please saleswoman filter? Does it make your cock twitch to know that I groan with annoyance every time you send me a message? Do you like spamming dick pics without getting blocked or having to pay taxes, tributes or fees? Bring it on. Despite my megabitch attitude, a good cock pic can still get me going. The only reason I’m paying attention to you is ‘cause your puppy-dog like obsession with me is kind of adorable, and it feeds my ego. If it gets too intense and you need me to mellow out, just tell me to take my thc meds and flip the script for a few hours!

$250/week (5 days, Mon-Fri)

Includes unlimited casual chatting and teasing. Interaction and fawning over me is expected, you can even beg for requests and depending on how good I’m feeling I just might deliver. I’ll send some stuff passively during the day, too – can’t help it, my meds make me super horny - and as my “boyfriend” you’re the first one I’m hitting up to feed my inner attentionwhore. Don’t disappoint.

 25% off playtime sessions