Custom Videos
I can film in your choice of either:
1920 x 1080p & 30 FPS
1080p x 720 p & 60 FPS
Delivered via Manyvids OR dropbox
It is your responsibility to download and save the video in a timely manner upon delivery.
Custom videos may be posted for free public viewing or resale at my discretion.
I do NOT offer any exclusive custom videos.
If you are unsure which package your idea qualifies for, that's fine, just give me your idea and I will let you know which it would be considered.

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Non-Scripted & Compilations | $5 per minute | 15 minute maximum
Applies to general concepts, or specific actions that aren't high-effort or don't require a lot of preparation or clean up. I may be given some amount of creative freedom, but not so much that it takes away from the core of the concept or the focus of the video.
Generally delivered within a week (5 days, Mon-Fri)

Scripted | $10 per minute | no maximum
 Applies to more specific concepts, you have a particular idea of the flow of the video/plot, setting, camera angles, etc.
Generally delivered within a week (5 days, Mon-Fri)

Original | $15 per minute | no max
This special package is for those of you who WANT me to come up with an idea for your video. You want something new, a surprise, a new twist on a basic kink, maybe a sequel to a premade or free video you watched. You love my brain and creativity and you want to see your kink represented in a high-effort original way that only a psycho masturbation addict like myself can provide!
Generally delivered within 2 weeks (10 days, Mon-Fri)


Name Use | +$50
I use your first name throughout the video. I try to make it as genuine-sounding as possible. This natural "vibe" is non-negotiable unless you're ordering a scripted video. 
The fee is flat, whether I'm saying your name once or a hundred-plus times.
If your name use is prevalent enough (by your request only) that I deem the video would be unfit for resale, I reserve the right to increase this fee.

Exhibitionism | +$50 (or more)
I like being sneaky, not blatant. Here's some illustrations for more clarity on what I mean:
I'd rather do a risky flash than just wear clothes that just leave me exposed.
I'd rather have a growing wet stain in my pants than leave a biohazard trail for a poor employee to clean up.
I'd rather get off in a dressing room covering my mouth than out in the open, loudly drawing attention to myself.
Starting fee is $50. Your specific idea may qualify for a higher fee depending on the risk associated.
add 1 additional week time to delivery expectation (5 days, Mon-Fri).

Extensive Cleanup or Preparation | +$25 (or more)
For video concepts that require more than what I'd deem a "usual" amount preparation and clean up. So this applies to ruining furniture, making huge messes, anything that's going to inconvenience me a great deal before or after shooting. 
It is very rare that I apply this fee, as I usually just lay down towels or perform the video somewhere that cleaning up is easy and fast, but if you specifically do NOT want me to do that (bed wetting, for instance) then that's where this fee would come in.

Wardrobe & Toy Box
I present to you: my wardrobe, my lingerie drawers, my toy box, my vanity... Let my huge ass collection of costumes inspire you to share your porn fantasies with me.
All of my available-for-purchase items can be used in your custom videos as well!
Lingerie, Outfits & Costumes