Cock Ratings
I offer two kinds of cock rating videos: small penis humiliation (sph) & genuine.
You can find examples of my cock rating videos in the playlists linked below.
All of my public SPH ratings!
All of my public genuine ratings!
Rates & Options
Your choice of "sph" or "genuine" rating. 
Rating vids are generally no more than 3 minutes long. 
+ $20 for a cumshot rating
+ $25 for me to tape it naked

Public 720p video | $50
Video is uploaded to my pornhub channel and I'll send you a link to it!

Exclusive 720p | $100
Video is sent via manyvids or project maenad download link. Video will be deleted after 48 hours of delivery, so be sure to download! 

Exclusive 1080p | $125
Video is sent via manyvids or dropbox download link. Video will be deleted after 48 hours of delivery, so be sure to download!
Cock Rating FAQ
What's the difference between a "genuine" rating and a sph rating?
One is me being intentionally mean about your dick to fulfill your humiliation fetish. The other is more of a blunt prediction on how I might respond to your dick if I actually saw it in person.  I don't pull punches or lie to flatter you in genuine ratings, but I'm ALSO not going to intentionally pull you through a ringer about your less-than-average sized dick - I'm just going to give a genuine response. 
I rarely say anything nice in SPH ratings. If you need more information, refer to the videos in the playlists linked above!

What's 720p & 1080p ?
Video quality.

How long will the video be?
Generally my cock rating videos are about 2 minutes long. 

Can I get a longer cock rating video?
I'm not interested in changing the format of my cock ratings at this time, no.

Will you show my dick in the video?
Nope! There's legal red tape around your junk and my ass to prevent me from legally being able to add your pictures to the video without a bunch of paperwork.

What if I give you permission?
Nope! Your permission doesn't change the nature of porn record keeping laws nor my responsibility to uphold them.
 "She can use my dickpic in her cock rating video" by some random pornhub profile is not legally binding and changes things exactly 0%.

What if I get an exclusive video?
Nope! It's still got me in the video which means I'm still legally responsible for making sure that video complies with porn laws.

What if I paid you a whole lot of money?
No matter how much money you think you can give me, the law will always be able to fuck me over better and harder than you. Probably not faster, tho.