Panty Drawer

Grab-Bag |♥| $15
My choice of panties + 24 hours of wear + standard shipping
US only. 
No add ons.
Perfect if you don't want to fuss around with add ons and a long back and forth. Your dick's in hand and you're ready to just bury your nose right in my gusset and need it now. You could get a thong, breifs, cheekies, g-string, bikini, fullback, boyshorts... whatever I happen to be in the mood for.
Also perfect for a first time buyer to give my scent a trial run!
 Basic |♥| $30
Your choice of panties + 24 hours of wear + 2-3 day priority shipping w/ tracking (US only)
US & Internationally available.
International buyers: pleases provide me with your country & postal code for options.
As many add ons as you like!
You may select any pair from this album. 
I fuckin' love panties, so I buy a lot of them. You might have seen these in some videos and pictures I've taken! While I'm wearing them I like to think about what you're going to do when you finally tear the package open and dig in. Are you going to lick the gusset clean? Wrap it around your cock? Add your cum to mine? Put them on your face?

Fof's Favorites |♥| $50 

Your choice of panties + 24 hours of wear + 2-3 day priority shipping w/ tracking (US only)
US & Internationally available.
International buyers: please provide me with your country & postal code for options.
As many add ons as you like!
You may select any pair from this album.
These are my personal favorite pairs. That means they are old and very well-worn. It means the grool of a thousand orgasms has fused with the very fibers of the gusset. It means at some point, I probably soaked through it with squirt. It means that I Fucking love em, ok? maybe they're just unbelievably comfortable, maybe I think it makes my ass look really hot. Whatever the reason is: I'm obviously not parting with them easily!

Add Ons
You can find a FAQ at the very bottom of this page that provides more information about these add ons. 
The asterisk (*) next to the name of an add-on means it is unavailable for 2 consecutive days. 
"(all day)" means this is a passive action I perform throughout the day. 
 Add On cost is IN ADDITION TO the packages priced above. 
After I get them in, I cum on them!
Gusset - $5
Max/whole panty - $10
Anal stuffing - $20
Wipe (all day) - $10
Soak - $15

Strong Scent
Extra Anal Attention (all day) - $5
Workout - $10
No Shower* - $25

Wet & Juicy 
Orgasms - $5 each (10 max per day)
Extra Juicy* - $10
Squirt - $15
Thick & Creamy
Workout - $10
Extra day(s) of wear - $10 and up
No Orgasms* - $25

Extra Days
Up to 3 days - $10 per day
Up to 5 days - $15 per day
Up to 9 days - $20 per day
10(+) days - $50 per day
 No limit on days of wear.
current record: 12 days of wear

Panty-Related FAQ
What is the difference between gusset stuffing and panty stuffing?
gusset stuffing is just stuffing the gusset part of the panty. For panty stuffing I stuff as much of the panty as I am physically able.

What is a gusset?
The term "gusset" refers specifically to the part of the panty that contacts the pussy/ass. In some pairs of panties, the gusset is an extra "patch" or "pouch" of fabric.

What is pee (wipe)?
Means I don't wipe with toilet paper after I pee for the whole day of wear. This add on is intended as a more mild pee-related add on than the pee-soaking one.

What is extra anal attention?
Me doing naughty things to my asshole with the panties throughout the day to increase the potency of that particular scent. It is not scat or skidmarks (those are both hard limits for me). If you like the strong booty tang in panties, this is the add on for you. 

What is extra juicy?
I scoop the juices and cream out of my vagina and put them on the gusset for your enjoyment before I ship them off!

How long do add ons last?
One day, generally. Some add ons are passive things I do all throughout a day (pee wipe, extra anal attention) and some are just a do it once and done kinda thing (stuffing, workout, pee soak). Add ons only apply once per day. For example, if you buy 1 extra day of wear (for 2 days of wear total) and only 1 pee wipe add on, I will only not wipe after peeing for 1 of those days of wear. If you want me to do it for both days of wear you must order that add on twice.

Are there any redundancies?
Yes. I will point them out before you order if you select two add ons that would be considered a waste of your money. 

Which add ons should I get if I want SMELLY panties?
literally any of them. just coordinate the type of smell you want to the add ons description.

Which add ons should I get if I want GROOLY panties?

Which adds ons should I get if I want CREAMY panties?
extra days of wear, stuffing, workout,  no orgasms

What's the difference between "grool" and "cream"?
Grool is the clear lube produced by the labia/vagina during arousal. Cream is the discharge produced inside the vagina also during arousal, but generally more cream is produced during mental arousal and grool is more produced when there's physical stimulation. Generally speaking, grool is sweeter and thinner, cream is thick, white and more potent smelling/tasting.

What's your scent like?

No, really, what do you smell and taste like?
No, really, there is no answer to this question. Depends on where I'm at in my cycle, what I'm eating, how hydrated I am, how horny I am, and most importantly: how your senses interpret my pheromones. I can't tell you I smell/taste "sweet" and then have it turn out your nose smells "musky", so there is no way for me to "really" answer this question.
If you want to just experience me first to see if you like how I smell/taste, just grab a basic 1-day wear pair without add ons.